Lazaros Vasileiadis

Title of Paper : The villages Purgi and Mesovouno during the German occupation: The presentation of the Holocaust through oral testimonies

Lazaros Vasileiadis has got a Degree (Diploma) in History and Archaeology, as he is a graduate of Faculty of Philosophy at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2011). He is also a graduate of International Hellenic University of Thessaloniki, as he took part in the MA Program: Master of Arts in Black Sea Cultural Studies” (2015). Now, he is a PhD. Candidate in the Department of Balkan Slavic and Oriental Studies at the University of Macedonia. He has been working as a Teacher in private schools since 2014. Lazaros Vasileiadis is a Scientific Associate in Alexandros EPE Publications for the publication of two bilingual projects: “The local history of the wider area of the Delta Municipality in Thessaloniki” and “The local history of the wider area of the Euosmos-Kordelio Municipality, Thessaloniki”. He took part in the seminar “Start – Up in Culture: A Guide for Neophyte and Innovative Business Activities in Culture, MPC Museology – Culture Management” (2016). His academic interest is the search for sources related to the Hellenism in the wider Black Sea region. Of particular interest is the topic of forced migration of Greek populations from their ancestral lands. He worked as a volunteer in the Historical Archive of the Greek Refugees of Kalamaria (IAPE) and now he is offering his guidance and his volunteer work at the Holocaust Association of the Village Pyrgi, Ptolemaida. His article called “Zosa Historia” was published in the magazine Epiloges, Thessaloniki (2015).