Michalis Sarras

Title of Paper : Τhe Social Preconditions of the Greek Civil War:The Case of Epirus

He has graduated from the School of Economic and Political Sciences in Athens, Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration. He completed a Postgraduate Programme in the same Department in International and European Studies. His Master Thesis focuses on the Economies of Bulgaria and Romania, from Transition Process to Full E.U. Membership.
He started working on a Ph.D. thesis about social movements and agrarian economic history in Greece and Bulgaria during the interwar, entitled: Agrarianism in the Balkans during the Interwar Period. Structure Formation and Social Evolution in Greece and Bulgaria and obtained his Doctorate in Social and Economic Contemporary History from the University of Ioannina. Principal weight was placed on exploring the agrarian economic background of both countries; also on the role that the highest social strata, particularly those in rural areas, played in the formation of the modern sovereign nation.
Besides the Balkans, South and South-Eastern Europe, he is singularly interested in the social and economic history of the Ottoman Empire and the history of contemporary Turkey.